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About us:
Rosedale RV has evolved over the last thirty years. The business was originally established in 1982 as Advanced RV Mobile and provided mobile service to rv park residents. As customer requests for parts and accessories grew, the need for a retail outlet became apparent. Customers also wanted the option to bring their rvs to a service center.

Advanced RV Mobile transitioned into Rosedale RV in the early

90s. The retail store, located at the corner of Rosedale Highway

and Delbert Street, continued to provide mobile service and was

recognized as a warranty and collision-repair service center.

Rosedale RV outgrew its location and relocated to its present

Downing Avenue address.

During the last few years, Rosedale RV expanded its services to

provide recreational rentals to customers who were no longer rv

owners and to those who had never had the rv experience.

Recently, Rosedale RV has expanded its rv rentals to include

worksite trailer and water buffalo rentals.

Tel#: 661-588-0277  Fax#: 661-587-8195
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